1-4 days of styled shoots … Each event has between 4-6 different looks throughout the week. When I say they are different, I mean it! Different color palettes, different themes, different couples, and different settings and locations.

Lodging & UNIQUE ADVENTURE EXCURSIONS included with all retreats… All you have to do is show up and shoot—the rest is taken care of!

Networking … You’ll meet other photographers & VENDORS and build relationships with people in our industry. This is great for referrals, for learning more about how other photographers work, and to make some ELOPEMENT-LOVING friends.

A full portfolio … Take your portfolio from a few elopements to looking like a full-time elopement photographer. Clients want to know that you know what you’re doing. This is your chance to show them.

Experience … Our locations provide you the expertise to pass on to future clients. If you’ve never shot in the ADIRONDACKS or in Martha’s Vineyard or in Acadia National Park, these retreats are your chance to build your knowledge. And with that knowledge comes even more marketability!

As a Bonus: Group Coaching during the MULTI-DAY Retreats— Oftentimes, you leave a retreat with an abundance of images, but you have burning unanswered questions. During the retreat, we will sit down for a group coaching session. This is where we will go over ACTIONABLE methods that you can implement into your own business. Think of this as a retreat with a bonus of business expertise.

so, what will you get?

It’s not cheesy. … Every event is completely unique, completely on trend, and nothing like you’ve already seen on Instagram. I want to help you stand out and get noticed, not blend into the algorithm.

It’s not expensive. … Forget the costs AND time it WOULD TAKE TO PUT ON ALL OF THESE SHOOTS FOR YOURSELF. I’ve made it as affordable AND OBTAINABLE as possible.

It’s not unrealistic… We’ve all seen those gorgeous editorial images with epic landscapes and picture-perfect-portraits. But ya know what? It’s hard to advertise to a REAL couple eloping with photos LOOKING LIKE THE PERFECT MODEL COVER OF A MAGAZINE. I want you to have real "ALL-DAY" ADVENTURE ELOPEMENT photos with REALISTIC epic adventure elopements so you can get more of the clients that you crave.

what this is not:

This isn't some run-of-the-mill styled shootout with the same old elaborate fancy wedding details. 

This will showcase everything you would shoot in a REAL elopement so you have content to get yourself booked!



First, hi, I’m Kasey Jo. I dove into elopements headfirst years ago and never looked back. I work so hard to organize these retreats because it’s exactly what I needed when I was first starting out.

and to be completely honest...

… attending a Shoot Retreat was hands-down the best thing I've ever invested in for myself and for my business. 

After just 3 months of consistently posting curated content solely on Instagram, I went from having 5 elopements & weddings booked, to having over 35 booked on my calendar. 

And …

I was able to double the value of my elopement & wedding packages. 

This is the time to invest in your business. The images you’ll create at these events can completely change the type of clientele that you're bringing in. 



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